Family Reunion Memory Book Ideas

Ideas For A Family Reunion Memory Book

Author: Jeff McRitchie

Next family reunion, why not give each family a gift they will keep and remember always? Creating a memory book is a fun and interesting project that will be greatly appreciated. Here are a few ideas to help get you going.

1. Family History. Like most of the ideas in this article, this book will take some time and effort to put together, but will be very well worth it. Send out a email to all your family members letting them know what you are planning on doing and asking them for stories, memories and photos that you can use in your family history book. Take some time and interview the oldest remaining members of your family, in person if at all possible. In order to get the memories flowing, take some of the old photos you intend to use with you to the interviews and record what he or she has to say about it. This is a great way to get a lot of material to choose from, and to get some unexpected stories and anecdotes as well.

2. Photographs. No matter what the overall theme of your book is, you will naturally want to have photographs. If photos are your theme, though, ask each family for a few of their favorites from the past year and ask them for brief details about each of them. You can also include family trees, photos of old keepsakes and things that all the family can relate to or will remember, homes and pets. Having each family put together a photo tour of their lives is a great way for you all to feel more connected. The key to success here is participation by all or by as many as possible, so don’t be afraid to gently lean on everyone to contribute if need be.

3. Stories, Quotes and Advice. What was the best thing to happen to each family or family member in the past year? What event was the most trying? These are the types of things that will make for interesting reading for the rest of the clan. People can also contribute favorite quotes from elders that every one might remember (“as Grandma Ruth used to say…”), or special memories of favorite people and places over the years. This is the part where you let each member contribute whatever thoughts and words of wisdom that they want or need to.

4. Getting To Know You. Though you are family, there are sometimes things you don’t know about each other. Make a questionnaire that you can give each member of your family to fill out. Ask such questions as what their favorite movies and TV shows are, what sports teams they live and die for. This is a great way to forge connections across time and distance.

5. Family Cookbook. Contact every family and get a batch of their favorite recipes both those that have been in the family for years, and the new ones that they’ve come up with. Once you have them all arrange them by type of dish along with short bios for each of the families, and you will have something that will be kept and used throughout the generations.

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